The Office of the University Staff Ombuds offers a range of services, depending on the situation, including: 

Coaching typically involves one-on-one work with individuals to align goals and actions.  Coaching is often part of an ombuds process, as it provides a private space to analyze, explore, and test ways to address situations. 

Ombuds may conduct facilitated conversations between individuals who are in conflict.  Facilitated conversations are a process of assisted discussions in which a neutral third party helps disputants understand each other and resolve their differences.

Group facilitation is a group process in which a facilitator helps a group have an open and effective conversation to achieve the group’s objectives. It can include group problem solving, structured dialogue, and meeting with organizational leadership to assist groups in reaching desired outcomes. 

 We help leaders and staff manage difficult situations and provide input in the development of policies and procedures in anticipation of possible problems and workplace disputes. 

The University Staff Ombuds makes presentations regarding ombuds services and conducts personalized workshops on conflict management topics. 

There may be other Georgetown offices and resource partners who are better suited to address visitors’ particular needs. The University Staff Ombuds regularly refers visitors to these resources as appropriate.